Gift Giving for Busy People
The Stress-Free Guide to Find the Perfect
Gift for Any Occasion on Any Budget

  • A Very Brief History of Gift Giving
  • How to Find the Perfect Gift
  • Adapting the Process for the Younger Set
  • Inspirations for Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Gifts for the Other 362 Days a Year
  • Answers to Tricky Questions
  • Presenting Your Gift by Thinking Outside the Box
  • How to Organize Your Gifting Space
Gift Giving for Busy People is designed to be a stress-free guide to
find the perfect gift for anyone on your list, for any occasion from
holidays to birthdays and beyond. This book is written for someone
who would rather hear an enthusiastic, “Wow!” than a weak, “Uh,
gee, thanks” when their gift is received. This concise book packs
practical and useable information onto every page.


• 10 ways to reduce the stress we put on ourselves about gift giving.

• Why gift giving is not about shopping, but rather about tuning in
to the recipient (
and exactly how to do that!).

• Inspirations for every gift giving situation from birthdays and
anniversaries to the other 362 days a year.

• How to make gift giving a part of your everyday life so you’re never
caught “giftless” at the last minute no matter how busy your life may
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From a day-by-day checklist of everything you need to do to get
ready for Halloween to easy crafts and yummy recipes,
for Busy People
is everything you need to create a spooky season!

Here are just some of the fantastic information you’ll find:

    • A day-by-day countdown to Halloween.
    • Dozens of tips for creating a spending plan, choosing treats,
    and carving pumpkins.
    • Step-by-step instructions to make the most adorable trick
    or treat bags.
    • Scrumptious seasonal treats, including the best Halloween
    “candy” cookies.
    • Easy candle creations.
    • Quick tips for Halloween decorating and setting the scene on
    Halloween night.
    • Family-friendly party ideas.

Halloween for Busy People
Tips and tricks for ghoulish crafts, treats,
decor and more!
Packed with information, recipes and home style tips, Thanksgiving
for Busy People
will help you create a meaningful holiday.

Here’s a sampling of what’s inside:

    • Detailed week-by-week, day-by-day and hour-by-hour
    timelines to get to Thanksgiving with less stress!
    • Essential etiquette from the table to thank you notes.
    • Unlocking your inner decorator using what you already have.
    • Why bird seed is a clever decorating tool.
    • Tips to making the best turkey and why you’ll never buy
    canned cranberry sauce again!
    • Creating a memorable table from the centerpiece to the place

Thanksgiving for Busy People
Ideas for a hassle-free holiday

Christmas for Busy People
Ideas and inspirations to create
a memorable holiday!
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Get gift guidance in “Gift Giving 101″ plus dozens of decorating
tips, recipes and task lists to keep you organized all season long!

Here’s a peek inside:

    • A day-by-day task target list.
    • How to organize the Christmas chaos – both before and
    after the holiday.
    • Tips for going green at Christmas.
    • Creating expensive-looking mercury glass votives for a
    fraction of retail price!
    • Solving decorating dilemmas to bring holiday spirit into
    every room.
    • 3 easy entertaining ideas.
    • A complete guide to Champagne plus a delicious New Year’s
    • 7 powerful secrets to keeping New Year’s resolutions.
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