What are Smart Solutions?

Smart Solutions for Busy People are not about having it all or doing it all or being some mythical superwoman. It’s about giving you the tools you need to support the choices you make for you and your life. It’s about learning a system that can adapt to nearly every project, situation, holiday, crisis – you name it – to help you stay on track, no matter what’s going on around you.

Smart Solutions for Busy People provide both inspiration and take-action details to make everyday life and the holidays more meaningful, more joyful and more beautiful. Through books, e-books, newsletters, online resources and informational products, Smart Solutions help busy people create their lives by design, rather than by default.

The centerpiece of the Smart Solutions for Busy People concept is the POPS solution – Plan, Organize, Prioritize and Schedule. This is the personal solution for success that Deanne Marie developed over many years. As a busy person herself, she worked as an attorney, while sitting on the board of two organizations, volunteering for charities, going to school, and running two households. All the while, she decorated for the holidays, gave parties, cooked meals from scratch, gave meaningful gifts. People would ask, do you ever sleep? How do you do all this? She realized that either she was a freak, or she had devised a system to make it all work, and help overcome the inevitable feelings of overwhelm. And, she could share it with others  and inspire them to the same.




Decorating for Busy People breaks down the sometimes daunting task of tackling an entire room into smaller, more manageable projects that fit easily into a busy schedule and a tight budget. The result? A warm, inviting home that reflects your personality and is a haven for both you and your family and friends. Deanne Marie brings more than 20 years of experience as a homeowner, DIY handywoman and decorator to these posts.

For example, one week you might learn how to create a stunning gallery wall to display all those family photos or decode the mysteries of the fabric store, or perhaps getting crafty making seasonal accessories for your home is more your style.



Entertaining for Busy People is designed to give home entertainers the tips, tricks and tools they need to host memorable celebrations and meaningful events for their family and friends. Deanne Marie draws upon her experience planning events, fundraisers (her first one at age 17 for 300 people!), holiday dinners and lots of home parties.

These posts bring insight and advice from a practical, yet stylish, standpoint. From stocking your pantry and party closet with essentials to scrumptious (and easy!) recipes like a seasonal caramel apple tart, to the perfect way to set your table.



Celebrating is all about filling our lives with fun and festivities. But for busy people, the holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year! Holidays for Busy People provides the tips, tools and ideas you need to get the most out of the holidays. If you read nothing else, check out How to Create a Holiday Plan that POPS!

Be sure to check out free planning guides, as well as the e-books dedicated to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and packed with crafts, decor and even day-by-day checklists (hello? priceless!!) to arrive at the holidays with less stress and more joy.


Gift Giving

Deanne Marie’s Gift Giving for Busy People helps you find the perfect gift for any person in your life, for any occasion and on any budget. (Get your copy here or as a Kindle on amazon.com.)

Here on the blog you’ll find more up-to-date tidbits and ideas to help streamline and perfect your gift giving skills, such as advice for specific birth months, how to wrap a gift (and an oversized gift!), or tips on creating the perfect gift basket.



Because life happens every day, not just at the holidays, Living posts help with everything from tips for homekeeping and organizing to time management. These tips are meant to be useful — as in, you’re able to use them right then and there. Need a new light bulb? We’ve got the 411 on the new light bulb lingo. Have an unexpected spare 30 minutes? Here are 10 ways to spend it. You get the idea. This is all about helping you live an easier, better life … to help you love your life!


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Vision and Values

By Dsign Omnimedia is an integrated content company dedicated to helping busy women make their plans and dreams a reality with its premiere brands, Smart Solutions for Busy People and Your Virtual Decorator. Our community members collaborate and support each other’s desire to build strong foundations upon which to sustain enriching and enduring relationships with family and friends. Our products are functional, stylish and of consistently high quality, delivered wherever, however and whenever our valued customers need and want it.

Here’s what people are saying about Deanne’s products:

I loved your decluttering audio. So so good. I’m making my piles. This is so much easier! Wow! Thank you. I’m rocking out to music and having F U N! – Anna T., Studio City, CA

“I’m greatly enjoying the messages and holiday tips – gets me excited about the fall season now that the weather is turning cooler and the trees are turning color!” – Barbara, Des Moines, IA

We had recently moved to a smaller home and I was struggling with the fact my previous house’s furniture did not really fit in our new home in the Bay Area. Everything has changed since working with Deanne. It really helped to send her the exact scale dimensions of my living space and then discuss her suggestions to create flow and comfort. Virtual decorating works! I learned so much from Deanne about how to shop for furniture, what to look for and what I like. The result is a beautiful living room that is comfortable, functional and calming. – Gail D., San Carlos, CA



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Meet Deanne Marie



Deanne Marie is transforming the lives of women overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life with simple and elegant solutions for streamlining their home, enjoying meaningful relationships with family and friends, and creating the stress-free life of their dreams.

Author, award-winning speaker and in-demand inspirational leader, Deanne created Smart Solutions for Busy People™ to support women who feel out-of-control as they juggle work, home, family and friends. Growing up near Chicago, Deanne learned the arts of gift giving, entertaining, home decorating and more from her parents—creative and successful busy people who always found time for their families and friends. After obtaining a degree in journalism, followed by a Juris Doctorate degree from Drake Law School, Deanne moved to Las Vegas where for 19 years she enjoyed a successful career as a litigation attorney, served on the local bar association and was named one of the city’s “40 Under 40” by In Business Las Vegas. A committed member of her community who strongly believes in giving back, she also volunteers for a local non-profit organization that provides food and services to senior citizens.

Deanne’s professional background, real-life experience with time management, interior design coursework and an innate talent for performing gracefully under pressure, combine to give her a unique perspective. A dynamic speaker and charismatic writer, Deanne shares these insights to help her audience gain clarity and confidence by learning what to focus on – and what to let go.

Deanne is helping women take the leap from frenzied to fulfilled, knowing that as they create the beautiful, comfortable homes, simple meals in beautiful surroundings and holidays and special occasions of their dreams, they are also creating the foundation for lasting, meaningful relationships – and memories they will carry throughout their lives.

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